Chapter 5 is devoted to an examination of communication issues for negotiators. The principles of basic communication are discussed, along with an in-depth discussion of crisis communications. Barriers to effective communication are presented, along with ways to overcome those barriers. Various verbal tactics negotiators can employ during a crisis incident are presented and how each can be effectively employed by negotiators. General communication guidelines negotiators can use to help determine progress are presented. At the very heart of negotiations is the ability to effectively use active listening skills. This chapter presents a detailed discussion of ALS, what the skills are, and how each can be effectively used by negotiators. William Ury’s five techniques for Getting Past No are described and examples for negotiators provided. One significant change in crisis communication in recent years has been the spread of social media. Many negotiators report having had to negotiate using social media. The general issues of social media communication issues are presented, along with suggestions for negotiators in improving communications on social media. Also of importance is communications designed to get the hostage taker to talk on the phone. Robert Cialdini’s techniques of influence and compliance are presented, along with ways negotiators can use those techniques effectively to control emotions and guide behavior. Finally, the theories of persuasion and suggestion are discussed, along with strategies for negotiators in utilizing these techniques.