Yoga practice and yoga therapy are common modalities for eating disorder treatment, with good reason. Neuroscience research is showing yoga to have positive impacts on depression, anxiety, addiction, posttraumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders. The Structured Eating phase takes frequent nutritional support and sustained, repetitive practice of elementary skills. Clinicians and clients use the knowledge and lingo to discuss, motivate, and integrate the multiple facets of treatment and recovery. Integrated Eating is organized and fluid, scientific and yogic, uncomfortable and nourishing, difficult and often fun. Mastered eaters continue to integrate their skills and practices in the service of continual learning, responsibility, compassion, trust, joy, gratitude, and service to self and others. The client’s countless days of practicing form, mindfulness, and trusting inner wisdom create transformation. Nutritionists developed Integrated Eating by weaving strong, resilient, and vibrant threads of science, dietetic practice, and yoga therapy.