In this chapter, the context of the research concerning religion and video games is introduced, including the (perceived) problematic nature of the relationship between video games and religion. On the one hand, religion is not a popular topic among game scholars, while, on the other hand, video games are not considered to be a very interesting research topic for both religion scholars and theologians. Besides, not all religious adherents consider video games to be an appropriate means of entertainment, especially with regard to the violent nature that characterizes many (of the most popular) games. The author, however, suggests a radical new theological approach to (Christian) religion and video games. His first hypothesis is that video games are genuine loci theologici: sources of God’s self-revelation as Creator (Father), Savior (Son) and Whole-Maker (Spirit). His second hypothesis concerns the gamer himself: the act of the playing of particular games can be interpreted as a religious act in itself. Also, the outline of the volume is briefly explained.