You are in the driver’s seat. By now, you should have a better idea of where you have been and where you are now. Your exciting future is frankly up to you.

Do you want to remain where you are and doing what you are doing now? If not, what changes would you make to ensure the organization is aware of your value?

Are you in a position to learn new skills, either where you are or in a different area of the organization?

What personal changes in your resource management (home, family, friends, associates) are you willing to make to ensure you can make professional decisions that are in your best interest?

Is your professional toolkit up to date? As part of this, do you have a copy of your position description and all performance reviews?

Have you conducted your EMSP Competency Self-Assessment yet (Appendix I)?

Have you evaluated available free and paid education and training programs to enhance your position? Have you determined what changes you could make to your personal finance to obtain the information you need?

Are you willing to take a lateral position to increase your competence?

Are you willing to change jobs to get where you want to go?

Our fervent wish is your success! We have and will continue to build resources and programs that lead to your career success and personal wellness. Working together with you we can continue to make a difference. Stay tuned!