In this chapter, Phase IV focuses on providing feedback to children, with parents present. There is a strong commitment in Therapeutic Assessment with Children that children receive meaningful results. Thus, during this session the assessor may talk with the child, in a developmentally appropriate way, about some of the assessment findings and, if she or he had Assessment Questions, address those questions. Most importantly and unique to this model, depending on what seems most attuned to the child, a child-focused, creative activity is chosen to provide child-friendly feedback. Many creative methods have been developed, with the therapeutic fable being a favorite, drawing interest from around the world. Therapeutic fables have been shown to be of great value not only for the intended child, but also for her or his parents. Following a discussion of the power of fables, methods to construct and deliver individualized therapeutic fables are provided. The chapter then returns to the case study being followed across chapters and includes the fable written for the child client. Finally, an exciting new creative method that can be used in place of a fable, Collaborative Therapeutic Collage, is described and illustrated with a case example.