Chapter 9 addresses written communications, specifically letters to parents and psychological reports. Three questions serve as guides: 1) Why are we writing this up? 2) Who are we writing this for? 3) What's the best format to use? A therapeutic stance is taken when writing both letters and reports. They are written in a more personal and accessible manner, in the first person, linking test findings to the child's everyday life. The Parent Letter focuses on answering the parents’ Assessment Questions, and follows closely the outline for parent feedback used in the Summary/Discussion Session. The report, referred to as a Therapeutic Psychological Report, follows the structure of a traditional report with headings and sections, but it is written in a more personal TA style, also using the first person, and strives to eliminate jargon. The report is written with the intent of communicating with other professionals who will work with the child now or in the future. History and major findings are featured, along with individualized suggestions for next steps. The chapter includes the Parent Letter and the Therapeutic Psychological Report written for the case study being followed across chapters.