Effective communication practices are associated with higher shareholder returns, increased market premiums and higher revenue per employee. Well-functioning internal communication is fundamental to being able to run daily operations and develop successful organizations. Successful organizations build and develop an overall collaborative culture that supports and encourages behaviors that are in line with organizational strategy. Kevin Ruck and Sean Trainor’s research shows that more comprehensive and strategic communication about the organization’s goals and visions is more important for engagement than is communication with the immediate manager, which contradicts notions. One of the most important goals of effective internal communication is motivating both coworkers and managers to work towards achieving organization’s goals. Another factor that strengthens coworkers’ engagement is the possibilities they have to make their voice heard. An open communications climate, where two-way communications between coworkers, managers and leadership is encouraged, increases the chances of higher engagement. The chapter also presents an overview on the key concepts discussed in this book.