In this chapter, the authors clarify the responsibility held by coworkers for communication, and the responsibility of the organization to listen to coworkers. Coworkers as communicators are an untapped strategic resource in many organizations. There are two variants of coworkership outlined by research: the sort that creates autonomous coworkers, and the sort that creates collaborative coworkers. Communicative coworkers who spread good word about their organization are significantly authentic and sustainable than influencers, who have become a popular and expensive form of marketing. Coworkership thus creates new opportunities to work with internal strategic communication. Strong stakeholder relationships are a basic premise for an organization’s long-term success. Good relationships are a much more effective form of marketing than are traditional and social media. Employer branding sometimes also spills over into the ambition to turn coworkers into ambassadors – to make them want to help attract new coworkers. The coworkers’ role in internal communications is of utmost importance to organization and its success.