Foley has become an important part of animation. Originally, animated films had very little sound edited in or used music cues to indicate the sound. In early Warner Brothers’ cartoons, orchestrated music cues were used to telegraph a character’s entrance or mischief. Witness Bugs Bunny as he creates havoc with Elmer Fudd. Pizzicato violins may indicate the rabbit sneakily walking up to Fudd. Today’s animated films are completed in postproduction sound much the way live-action films are. The sound effects and Foley are added in after most of the animation is completed or at least sketched in. Carl Stalling is considered the first cartoon composer to include music puns in his music for cartoons. He is one of the three composers, along with film composer Max Steiner and MGM cartoon composer Scott Bradley, credited with inventing the click track, which allowed musicians to play a musical score to a film not yet completed.