There have been many myths and inaccuracies floating around that contribute to the mystery and misunderstanding of the origins and development of Foley. The practitioners of the craft are very busy doing their jobs and have precious little time to document the history of how their craft came to be or how they approach the work itself. The Foley artists who worked at Saul Zaentz Film Center had also worked in Hollywood at times, at Skywalker with Thorpe upon occasion, and within the San Francisco film scene at other facilities as well. While Skywalker is home to a stable of sound professionals, those at Zaentz were often just as likely to work in Hollywood in addition to the Berkeley facility. Both Murch and Splet were less likely to rely on Foley than other sound designers. They preferred Foley that was understated and would even go out and record themselves doing Foley in natural settings rather than record on a stage.