Messieurs Pinvin and Plasman were “Bruiteurs,” or “noise makers,” who worked together to create sounds for silent films in France. Pinvin performed the voices for the films, and Plasman created the sounds for the props. Plasman had been burned his face terribly disfigured in World War I, so he preferred to work in the shadows. Julien Naudin is one of France’s veteran Foley artists. His father was one as was his grandfather, who learned from M. Plasman. The Bruiteur profession is one of family tradition. Naudin has trained his brother, his wife, and his daughter to work with him in Foley. The United Kingdom has several Foley artists who work regularly in film, television, and documentaries. One of these artists is veteran Peter Burgis. His background is unusual for a filmmaker, and especially for a Foley artist. Burgis began working in Devon, England, as a professional assisting people with learning difficulties.