This chapter introduces three models of leadership and maps these onto the three models of cultural management described in this book and onto different stages in the innovation process. These different stages, from ideation and execution to consumption, are visualised in relation to Wallas’ four-step model of the creative process. ‘Leading for creation’ correlates to Cultural Management 1.0 at the start of the innovation process. It describes a transformational leadership style, providing space for intrinsic motivation and tolerating risk and failure. ‘Leading for connection’ goes to the next stage in the innovation process, where the initial idea is developed and adapted into a marketable product. This stage in the process is more analytical and systematic, making connections between internal resources and external partners. Leading for connection is allied to Cultural Management 2.0. Finally, ‘leading for reinvention’ addresses processes of co-creation, fandom and reinvention, using vulnerable leadership to empower audiences and conceding control to a next generation of users and fans. This model of leadership maps onto Cultural Management 3.0. The chapter reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of these models, arguing that each of us must decide which kind of leader or manager we want to become.