What is the use of constant product availability if the supply – and hence meaning – does not keep up with it?

The dominant marketing model is a bag of tricks called the marketing mix, namely, product, price, place, and promotion. Although this model has yielded good results for over 50 years, today it is no longer capable of satisfying exacting consumers and corporations struggling with economic and ecological challenges. This model is incapable of resolving the issues that are now at stake and satisfying more discriminating values, since each of its four attributes has become more complex and has altered its logic, organization, support, and context to the point where continuing to apply these four Ps no longer enables change.

Sometimes, this logic even renders the supply of products absurd and unsuited to our new world. New products are often unnecessary, produced with serious human and environmental impacts. The picture is fuzzy: price is no longer a benchmark, the consumer is fed up with megastores, the store is no longer the only place for purchases, newly manufactured products compete with second-hand ones or the 3D printer, and advertising loses its relevance to its audience.