Nowadays the fundamental trait of brands must be honesty.

Furthermore, a brand stands primarily for an implicit contract entered into with its purchasers. In this contract, three major aspects can be distinguished: a transactional contract that reduces the uncertainty of the purchase; a relational contract that enables a relationship to be established, developing values and a shared experience; and a social contract that endows consumption with meaning by referring to societal values. Unless all three contracts are both proposed and fulfilled, the brand will undermine the basis of the relationship.

All acts performed by a company and/or brand contribute to this crucible and enrich its output, that is, its products or services, its behaviour, its policies, and its attitude. The company’s ability to create trust and bonds with the emancipated consumer will result from its ability to understand and respect the consumer through a comprehensive approach and by optimizing an entire supply chain.

The brand is a mission, a positioning, a commitment – and countless opportunities!