The Operations Strategic Focus Area refers to the process of manufacturing and distributing a product along with the support functions within a company. For service and virtual companies, there is a process for creating a service or product, although it is not as defined as a traditional manufacturing company. One of UPS’ values is, “Sustainability – long-term prosperity requires our continued commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.” In the context of the Blendification System, this sustainability focus drives the strategy and decision-making of the company. As highlighted in the UPS example, External Impacts directly influence the Operations Strategic Focus Area. The cBEST model and the Operations Microsystem model from the Internal Evaluation serve as a reference point for creating the strategic focus for the Operations block. The Operations Focus is the point where the company’s ability to add value makes a significant difference. The Product Strategic Focus Area goes through the innovation, design, engineering, and the procurement/purchasing process.