Once entities are deprived of their integrity and so are no longer moved by their first, inner power, they become unreliable and erratic, requiring a constant supervision of their behaviour, thus offering a justification of suspicion and doubt that motivates second power in the first instance. Linear transformation applies both to the bodies and the souls; in fact, it focuses exactly on those moments where the otherwise indissoluble unity of body and soul in the living entities is dissolved thus, the passage from death to new life. To the extent that modern rational thought assumes the separation between body and the soul/mind, which for living beings only takes place after their death, it can be considered as a form of necromancy. Thus, given the links between modern, technologized science and alchemy, one could even argue that 'political alchemy' is an expression all but identical to 'political technology' or even 'modern political science' in contrast to classical political science, following Voegelin.