This chapter describes the interactions with local villagers during our fieldwork from May 2016 to November 2019 in Zhanli, Guizhou Province. As the local villagers would struggle to understand the hazy and complex relations between these two groups, the main discursive strategy they adopted in relation to relevant questions was simply to avoid addressing the issue directly. In this scenario, the interviewers' identity as external researchers who were investigating Zhanli culture prompted them to distinguish themselves from people from the outside world. The author used to hear, hear that the proposed Zhanli Grand Hotel, they (the investors) would be responsible for building it and the village responsible for managing it. Overall, for the majority of Zhanli people who had left their home village to live in Han areas, it appeared that their Kam identity had long been absent from their daily lives and, unless they were pressed about the meaning of that identity, they seldom thought about it.