If governments and authorities are serious about reducing the incidence of ‘mental health’ problems in society, as they profess to be in their election promises, they must now realize that the societal systems they run and promote are both causing many of the problems and also blocking solutions for people. Many interventions for ‘mental health’ therefore require us to move from individual treatments to social and societal actions. One of the changes in thinking suggested in this book is to stop separating ‘mental health’ problems from other ‘problem’ behaviours that have been shaped in the very same bad situations. Such activities include joining in social groups to change a person’s world in some new way, entertainments of all sorts, music, concerts, travel, crafts, performance, arts, study, reading, alterative religions, and general activities like walking, sports, or yoga. Modernity also has a strong focus on conducting societal governance as far as possible through rational rules using standardized procedures.