Chapter 3 introduces the concept of the “EU value-promoting RTAs”, based on its insight into the theory behind the relationship between trade liberalization and the rule of law in the development context and the political and legal aspects of the EU value-promotion though RTAs. First, it explores the linkage between economic development/economic integration and the rule of law in the development context from various perspectives, such as modernization theory, dependency and world-systems theory, and the Washington Consensus, as well as the new institutionalism and governance approaches. Next, it considers the political and legal foundations of the EU value-promotion through RTAs (i.e. foreign policy objectives pertaining to the EU external economic policy), EU power behind the value-promoting RTAs, the EU bargaining power in trade negotiations and relevant policy contexts, as well as the major value-promoting disciplines in the RTAs. Concluding, the chapter summarizes the key peculiarities of the EU value-promoting RTAs.