The aim of Chapter 8 is to apply our concept of the EU value-promoting RTAs to the case of the EU-Ukraine DCFTA. The case of the DCFTA was selected for the reasons related to the scope and peculiarities of the DCFTA and the features of the ENP, as well as the sensitive context of the ongoing crisis in and around Ukraine. The analysis follows the structure of the book: it engages with the DCFTA’s norms concerning the rule of law; the EU’s support of the DCFTA’s implementation through unilateral trade, financial and technical assistance instruments; and the different aspects of coherence. It also sheds light on the key achievements and challenges of the public procurement, and deregulation and business development reforms in Ukraine. The persistence of neo-patrimonial practices is found to constitute the key obstacle to the DCFTA-based pro-European reforms in Ukraine.