This chapter introduces some of the concepts, technologies, and techniques of recording sound for picture. Some of the technologies and techniques are also relevant to theater and musical theater. Three types of audio make up video soundtracks, whether it is a film, TV show, documentary, or a corporate video production and they are dialog, music, and effects. Lav mics are used in documentary productions, as well as in film and TV shoots where boompoles are impractical, for example, extreme long shots, when it would not be possible to keep a boompole and operator out of the frame. Medical tapes and dressings such as Transpore and Tegaderm can also be used to stick lav mics directly to skin. Sound designers build up libraries of source sounds they can edit and process into spot effects and ambiences for different productions they work on. A cheap portable recorder with built in mics might be good enough to record louder close up sounds.