Musicians develop their skill sets and individual musical sound and style by listening to other musicians, emulating them, and eventually synthesizing many influences into their own unique characteristics. As a sound engineer or producer, one should similarly find good quality recordings, listen to them, analyze them, and try to emulate them- learning how to capture and control sound before eventually developing their own style. A small, nasty sounding mono Auratone type loudspeaker is common in many professional recording studios, listening on this enables engineers to anticipate the effects of poor quality mono sound systems, and make sure their product translates acceptably to them. Stereo is the most common consumer listening format, and a pair of studio loudspeakers, called monitors, are the preferred listening system for stereo recording, mixing, and mastering. Boom boxes, hi-fi systems, stereo televisions, car stereos, mobile phones, and portable media players all offer two-channel “stereo” playback.