The book reaches the conclusion that Proclus’ exegesis of the Chaldean Oracles is generally in line with original Chaldean doctrine, which it seems to intentionally distort in only a few cases that have been discussed throughout the book and briefly summarized here. That said, in order to be used by modern research to deepen its knowledge of Chaldean doctrine, Proclus’ exegesis must first be understood within its own context, namely the idea that the Oracles’ confirm Plato’s doctrines as well as Proclus’ exegesis of them. Although this hermeneutical principle is partially present in the Oracles as well, since they appear to have been profoundly influenced by Plato, they are alien to the level of systematization of Platonic doctrine realized by Proclus (even with the help of Chaldean doctrine) because they retain their main characteristic of being a text revealed by ‘the gods’ to an elite of initiates.