Note: This list contains monographs (e.g. Agathocleous 2011), articles (e.g. Brosseau 1995), edited collections (e.g. Beville and Flynn 2018) and vital works of reference (e.g. Bassnett 2014; Hobsbaum 1995; Greene and Cushman 2012) that are cited in more than one chapter of the book. Chapters in edited collections (e.g. Ameel 2017) are only included if they do not appear in a collection also on the list in its own right. Unlike in the individual chapters, literary scholarship appears here alongside work produced in other academic disciplines. With two exceptions (Benjamin [1935]; Walcott 1992), books listed in Section A of the chapter bibliographies, ‘Primary Sources (Literary Texts)’ do not appear on it. Alongside works of LUS, the list contains books and other publications that I think are worth consulting, in many cases repeatedly, while working in the field.