Note : Where a term receives particular attention in a given section of the book, that section is indicated below in brackets following the glossary entry. Some terms in the glossary (e.g. city, urban) are the subject of the whole book and are therefore not connected with a section or sections here. The objective of the glossary is not to finalise definitions of terms but to provoke debate and provide food for thought. It does not contain references, to simplify it and reduce duplication of material found elsewhere in the book. Most terms have references to key publications on them linked to them when they are mentioned (highlighted bold, italic on their first appearance in each chapter) in the main text above. Some terms on the list (e.g. city, place, space, urban ) have very extensive research literatures and the book offers no comprehensive survey of those, because its aim is to help you develop your own thinking about the specific conjunction of literature, literary studies methods, cities and urbanity.