The battle of Balakote was a great blow to the Wahhabis, but after a brief period of chaos and despondency Shaikh Muhammad Wali Phulti was elected Amir and took Bai‘at from all those present. Although the great majority of Sayyid Ahmad’s followers were present with him at Balakote, there were some others who had been deputed to different places. Prominent among them were Muhammad Qasim Panipati and Nasiruddin Manglori. The original plan of Nasiruddin was to proceed to the North-Western Frontier, but in view of the situation in Sind he decided to stay on there. He addressed letters to some of the ruling chiefs in British India and to other persons for help. The response was encouraging and men and money came in from different parts of the country, particularly Bengal and Bihar where extensive missionary work was going on under the leadership of Wilayat Ali and Enayat Ali.