The application of computers for productivity improvements is common in most operations due to the explosive growth of computer and software availabilities and capabilities. Setting the right objectives for the computerized management system is the first step for a successful implementation of an effective system. Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) have a wide range of capabilities, from enterprise packages to simple home-grown database programs. The equipment module serves as a central depository of equipment-related information. The design of the work order module must match the company’s operational model and equipment characteristics. It is also the main reason for companies to develop their own CMMS instead of purchasing one. The Preventive Maintenance (PM) module keeps track of the PM schedules, PM task checklists, and materials lists. The inventory module manages the maintenance inventory, such as spares, tools, and materials. The financial module records and controls the costs spent in maintenance activities, such as contract costs, labor costs, and materials costs.