This volume of eighteenth-century accounting literature of the united States, inclusive of the colonial period, relates closely to both Bentley and Leonard's authoritative bibliography, and the more comprehensive pre-1821 study prepared for this series by McMickle and Jensen. Although at least the reprint source copies bear no such documentation, if these editions were copyrighted Leonard would presumably have identified the two 1794 titles in her review of national copyright records. Although planned and developed independently, the author volume is in a real sense a companion to McMickle and Jensen’s valuable contribution to the Foundations of Accounting series, the birth of American accountancy. McMickle has ably discussed the absence of non-bibliographical information on George Fisher, and the long perpetuated myth that “he” was Ann Fisher Slack, whose book of fables and morality tales. Charles Hutton, 1737-1823, was one of England’s outstanding mathematicians and, using a contemporary professional title, Teachers of Mathematics of his day. .