This chapter describes the scope of the problem of sexual violence on college campuses and introduces our approach to the issue. Major cases are discussed as examples of campus missteps and negligence. The chapter provides a foundational discussion of Title IX and the policies and legislation that govern sexual violence (typically referred to as sexual misconduct) on campus. This chapter lays out different levels of analysis that can be used to discuss and address campus sexual violence, with the novel discussion of the macro-level institution as a culpable party in the state of sexual terrorism on college and university campuses. Previous literature has focused on an individual-level analysis (victims and perpetrators). This singular focus neglects the crimes of omission committed by institutes of higher education (IHEs). The chapter ends with a discussion of how institutions often respond to sexual violence committed on their campuses and utilizes the Title IX Tracker (Chronicle of Higher Education) to highlight how IHEs frequently neglect to follow the guidelines set forth in Title IX.