This chapter recaps the overall discussion of sexual terrorism, its components, and the impact of the neoliberal university to illustrate that, taken together, campus sexual violence is a systemic problem of sexual terrorism. The final chapter looks to move forward and discuss the onus of civic responsibility on institutes of higher education (IHEs) and their potential role as institutional advocates at the forefront of reform targeting gender and sexual inequity. The impact of the neoliberal university on institutional responses to sexual violence, centering on risk management and securitization priorities, is highlighted. Additionally, work from experts in the field of campus sexual violence is summarized and discussed. This work offers suggestions and directives, some very practical, some more theoretical, but all working toward the same goal to eradicate sexual violence on campuses. Lastly, the chapter ends with the bigger picture: campus sexual violence extends well beyond the campus. A culture of sexual terrorism, that is gendered, sexed, and racialized, is deeply embedded in the social fabric of our nation. Restorative justice principles are described as a way to promote healing and revitalize civic responsibility and respect.