Building bridges, integrating disciplines, coordinating and allocating resources, developing teaching and learning strategies —the New Professionalism, like any other curricular perspective, should be subject to evaluation. Outcomes assessment will become more the rule than the exception in higher education. Evaluations of teachers and courses are standard fare in higher education. A natural extension of the internship or portfolio outcome assessment strategies is to have students actively participate in regional or national competitions. The chapter discusses outcomes assessment strategies and accreditation. In 1980, the ACEJMC began to redesign its accreditation standards. A great deal of literature on what constituted liberal arts has been generated, dating back to the classical tradition. Most of these conceptual enrichment areas have obvious linkages with traditional disciplines. The inflexibility of accreditation standards once again became apparent in December 1991 when the faculty of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin, Madison voted not to seek reaccreditation of its program.