Stephanie Reitz, a reporter for the Hartford Courant, offered sound advice in her approach to preparing news stories that utilize spreadsheets in analyzing public information. Programs such as VisiCalc and Lotus 1-2-3 emerged. Lotus’ name actually refers to spreadsheets, databases, and chart graphics, the three original functions of that program. One of the earliest business products for the PC was the spreadsheet—intended to permit business users to develop financial databases and applications such as accounting and trend modeling. Macro files for special customization of the data analysis, if there are any, should be written because they save time. Excel can produce some very high-caliber graphs and charts from the data. Users may consider using these in print or on the air, especially if they do not have a graphics department to prepare them. For news organizations without graphics departments or with overworked staffs, spreadsheet programs are sophisticated enough to produce camera-ready graphics for publication.