The Web permits users to access information on servers at distant locations using the networked system of computers that is known as the Internet. The World Wide Web was the dominant tool on the Internet by 1998 after grabbing journalists’ attention in middle of the decade. For many people, the Web is the Internet, although there are numerous additional tools and features of the Internet. In fact, the Internet grew so much in 1996 and 1997 that the original users of the network—government and educational research institutions—began development of a second, even faster private research network known as Internet. Using the Internet in television and radio stories is not only possible, it is advantageous. It will get people lot of places. It will make people different from our competition. Galaxy is an information-professional-oriented search engine that covers a wide range of subjects and Internet resources. In addition to Web pages, it searches Gopher sites and thousands of Telnet resource sites.