The favourers of America farther alledge, that as England assumes an exclusive right to their commerce, she in reality taxes them by this restraint; and by virtue of it receives all their wealth, and cannot in reality receive more, how high soever she may tax them. Bounties are given on the following articles from America: Coals, when exported to the plantations, pay less duty than when exported to other foreign parts. It is well known that men employed, in similar branches of business, in England, cannot earn above two thirds of the above sums; and yet the prices of beef, bread, rum, and most of the necessaries of life, are considerably lower in America than in England. But after all, the situation of many deluded worthy people in America, will be truly calamitous; and the reflection of it must prevent some gentlemen here, as well as in America, from resting easy on their pillows.