The Drama Triangle is a model of dysfunctional social interaction, created by psychotherapist Stephen Karpman in 1968. Transactional Analysis (TA) was already well established in the 1950s by Berne as a response and development of family therapy after World War Two. Karpman conjectured that each point on the triangle represents a common and ineffective response to conflict, one more likely to prolong disharmony than to end it. Each role has specific behaviours, beliefs, and perceptions associated with it. Attachment theory has been around since the 1990s and is a key underpinning principle in counselling regarding how we all relate to one another, that is, the emotional bond. Relationships are core to the work of coaches, so understanding this theory to appreciate ourselves and others is crucial. All coaches would do well to do some in-depth work on their own attachment patterns with a supervisor.