The formation of the Paris Conservatoire is arguably one of the seminal events in the history of musical training. In this chapter, early horn methods in Paris are examined to establish a context for horn playing before 1789. Then, the inspiration for the formation of the Conservatoire is summarized, including the creation of the school for training musicians for the Garde nationale after the 1789 Revolution, as well as the eventual formation of the Conservatoire, and accounts of the first horn teachers there. Each method is described in detail, especially the first Conservatoire methods by professors Frédéric Duvernoy (1802) and Heinrich Domnich (1807). Upon the eventual retirement of both of these teachers, their successor, Louis-François Dauprat wrote a comprehensive method in 1824 that served as the primary influence on horn instruction at the Conservatoire for the next 70+ years. Finally, this chapter presents a brief summary of aesthetic forces at work in Paris up to 1830 to establish a context for the introduction and early applications of valve technology to the horn.