This chapter provides an alternative to neoliberal peacebuilding and statebuilding (PBSB). It examines and analyses the conditions and features that characterise popular progressive PBSB as an alternative approach. The central objective of the popular progressive model is to interrogate the indigenous institutions, structures, authorities, mechanisms and dynamics deemed to uphold substantive PBSB. The popular progressive model contends that PBSB is concerned with fundamental societal construction – or, in technical parlance, with nation and state formation. It is therefore long-term, gradual and piecemeal work. The chapter contends PBSB is political by nature and has to do with power allocation. As such, it craves negotiation, bargaining and compromise by all stakeholders. It is also domestic by nature: it should thus be based on the subject society’s culture, history, socio-economic level of development, etc. The chapter also navigates the notions of participatory democracy as a requirement of enduring PBSB, and ends with some concluding remarks.