Chapter 6 provides summaries, highlights and the conclusions reached. The chapter reviews the central argument of the book, and its two main sections recap on neoliberal PBSB and popular progressive PBSB. It is the principal conclusion of the book that the popular progressive approach is superior to the neoliberal approach in ensuring functional and enduring PBSB. One section examines the consequences of neoliberal PBSB interventions: it contends that neoliberal-driven PBSB in post-conflict and conflict-developing societies plays a rather negative role, as is witnessed in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Mali, DRC and CAR. Conversely, another section underscores that the popular progressive model creates harmony, unity, peace and development. The final section concludes that the two models of PBSB discussed in the book represent diametrically opposite approaches.