This concluding chapter draws together and discusses the major themes identified within the study, and suggests that women can change long-standing, negative body image views to more positive ones, through supported group and individual clay work sessions. Correlations are drawn from studies cited within the literature review and the neuroscientific studies detailed in Chapters 2 and 3. The results of the study point to clay work as a significant resource, providing a positive and contained way for women to find personal acceptance and develop a balanced and positive view of their body/person as a ‘whole’ rather than as a collection of ‘imperfect’ parts. We suggest there is a clear difference between participants describing their body image through narrative and creating it visually in clay, as specific kinds of metaphor and symbolism can be utilised within the fabric of the sculptures that have a more immediate and direct impact on one’s senses, creating a unique way of seeing and knowing the embodied self, and ultimately the development of a new and healing relationship with one’s body.