Chapter 1 begins with a brief introduction by the two authors of this book, discussing their personal experience of body image and clay work, and their reasons for collaborating on the book. The chapter then introduces the key concepts discussed within the following chapters, i.e. embodiment and self-portrayal, clay as a therapeutic medium and clay work as meaningful play. A discussion of the relevant literature and research already published in the field regarding art therapy and clay work, is also presented. The power of clay work and the ethical implications around this are introduced, including the strong emotional responses possible with clay work and the sensory qualities involved such as its messiness and wetness, which may encourage regression and bring to the fore previously unconscious material. Finally, this chapter discusses how this book, and the thesis from which the case studies are drawn, seeks to fill a gap in the available research and literature on the specific subject of clay as an art therapy intervention for women exploring issues related to body image.