Within this chapter, case vignettes drawn from Study One of Trisha Crocker’s PhD research project exploring the use of clay work as a tool for exploring body image, are presented. Sections from a reflexive diary recorded by Trisha over the duration of the study are also referred to. Images of the clay body image sculptures created by the women involved in the research project, and transcripts of their voice recordings talking about their experience of creating the sculptures, are used to highlight and discuss the themes found in the analysis. The themes identified and discussed include: ‘covering’ and building ‘walls’; dissociation from the body; missing body parts; the critical mother and motherhood; aging, the changing body and feeling invisible; anger, loss, and sadness; shared humanity, experience, and compassion; and the sensory nature of clay and ‘smoothing’. This chapter also explores how using group clay work sessions for Study One meant that the women involved were able to create and discuss their body image on an equal plane, and offer support and compassion to the other women, and also receive it.