Within this chapter, case studies from Study Two, of Trisha Crocker’s PhD research project featuring the work of Priscilla, Cynthia, and Nancy, are presented and discussed in relation to the themes of metaphor, symbolism, and body image. The way Priscilla and Cynthia both used metaphor and symbolism to explore their personal experience of body image issues around aging and the various issues it brings with it, are explored. The use of metaphor and symbolism is discussed as a phenomenon that enabled the psychological elements of body image – rather than purely the physiological aspects – to be considered and articulated in a safe, less anxiety-provoking way, and a meaningful narrative to be built around the sculptures. The use of clay work as a cathartic process, involving cutting, scraping, poking, and the inscribing of angry words, is discussed as a way to express feelings of pain and anger safely. The use of abstraction, rather than a realistic image, combined with metaphor and symbolism, is also outlined, in particular the way a three-dimensional physical object representing a person’s experience of embodiment can be viewed from all angles or from different perspectives, offering unique insight into body image issues.