Within this chapter the work of Priscilla, Cynthia, and Nancy, drawn from Study Two of Dr Trisha Crocker’s PhD research project, is presented and discussed in relation to the major theme of mothers’ and others’ influence on body image. Each of the three women discuss the substantial influence their mothers had on the way they have viewed their bodies throughout life, and talk about how creating the clay sculptures enabled them to recognise and face these issues for the first time. The themes discussed by the three women included feeling that their body image was ‘unacceptable’ and making efforts to ‘hide’ themselves in order to avoid feelings of shame. There is also discussion about clothes shopping as a traumatic experience, and being unable to fit into standard sizes, as well as clearly remembering hurtful comments from other people about their size or shape, some comments originating from their childhood or many years previously. Avoidance tactics are also discussed, including disconnecting from their own body by ‘pretending’ it is different from reality, and avoiding seeing themselves in a mirror. This highlighted a tension between reality and fantasy, with the clay sculpture acting as a ‘mirror’ for their body image, but also a platform for disturbed feelings and anxiety.