This chapter identifies further themes within the case studies, featuring the work of Priscilla, Cynthia, and Nancy, and these are presented and discussed in relation to the theme of clay work as meaningful play. The concept of meaningful play within research and therapy is outlined, in particular the way art material such as clay or specific games can be utilised in order to elicit information or generate meanings from a situation or issue. The specific use of clay to explore body image is an example of how the choice of art materials within meaningful play can be chosen with a view to eliciting a more embodied response from the participants. Throughout the study, participants made explicit references to the way they were manipulating the clay, with its physicality being an important factor in how they approached the creation of their sculpture. The opportunity for participants to make changes to their sculptures to create a more realistic and balanced body image sculpture is also outlined within this chapter, along with feelings of conflict that this engendered within participants.