In this chapter, the authors consider 12 aspects regarding how they should conduct their site visit, whether to an unoccupied or occupied site, to ensure they are able to undertake their visit safely: Lone working, Personal site safety, Person responsible for control of the site, Induction and orientation, Safety signage, Navigating around site, Site vehicles and mobile plant, Inspecting construction work, Communication with site personnel, Site behavior, Action in the event of an emergency and Post site visit activity. Whenever possible, avoid visiting sites alone, particularly remote, vacant or unoccupied sites. A well-managed site will have relevant site safety notices and information updated on a daily basis available for inspection on notice boards adjacent to the site entrance, site office, welfare facilities, and in the immediate vicinity of the work being carried out. Larger sites may have safety information, including current work activities, located local to areas of the site, for example, at the entrance to each storey.