Hegel’s starting-point was a vision of reality as one and spiritual. It both is such and becomes such. Indeed, it only is such in the process of becoming such, as it only becomes such because it eternally is such. Spirit is the origin, the way, and the goal of the supreme and all-inclusive adventure. To each movement in the self-development of Spirit there corresponds an awareness of this in accordance with the possibilities of that stage, in other words, a particular religion. Each of these is true in its place, and a higher stage contains a fuller truth than a lower. Yet none of them is the true religion. That only comes at the final stage, in the religion that takes up into itself and brings to fulfilment all that went before. Mythology is essentially active and self-moving in accordance with an indwelling law. Myth is neither to be scouted as priestly fiction nor evaporated into general moral principles.