Jerusalem becomes a holy city—the holy city of Islam. Under the dynasty of David, Jerusalem becomes a mighty city. The successive pictures of reverie vanish, and before people lies Jerusalem, the modern city, the three-times holy city, wedded to its past. The city is totally destroyed, but out of its ruin rises a new community, a community of those who follow the Nazarene cross-bearer. One day the iron men of France, of Germany, and of England stand before the ancient walls to recapture the city for Jesus their Lord, and to stand guard over the empty sepulchre, the symbol of a triumphant Christendom. Alexander the Great, with his youthful Macedonian horsemen, would encamp on those far-stretching plains. The Sassanids of Persia, with their pomp and splendour, would build a wonderful city on the banks of the mighty Tigris, to be overrun, ruined, and wrecked by the fierce horsemen of the desert.