Al Yaman is besides a narrow, flat, desert-like and extremely hot coastal strip, the most alpine country of Arabia with much grandeur and beauty. An exceptional feature found in al Yaman is the large settlement of Jews in this country. Aden belongs geographically to al Yaman as the natural outlet to the Indian Ocean. Aden greatly gained in importance after the opening of the Suez Canal. Since Aden came under British control, it has been possible to establish missions there. Besides the Church of Scotland’s South Arabia Mission, the Danish Church Mission has been established in the Aden Crater. Practically all the Arabs in Singapore, Sumatra, and Java are from the upper valley of the Hadramaut. Tarim in the valley of Hadramaut is a centre of learning, and many interesting documents may be stored away in the mosques and in the homes of the learned Sayyids.