In Palestine the ancient settlements of the Jews in Hebron, Jerusalem, Tiberias, and Safed continued to flourish. The aim of Zionism is the erection for the Jewish people of a publicly recognized, legally secured home in Palestine. It is interesting to note the remarkable difference between Lebanon and Palestine in their respective number of Muslims and Christians. The Church Missionary Society of England is the oldest society established in Palestine and has done pioneer work in educational and medical fields. The Church Missionary Society pioneered also in Transjordan, and established a school and a hospital in al Salt. Transjordan emerged as an amirate after the end of World War I, and has recently become the Hashimite Kingdom of Transjordan under its ambitious leader, King ‘Abdullah from the noble house of the Sharifs of Makka. Before World War I Transjordan was a backward subdistrict of the province of Syria of the Ottoman Empire.