The Qur’an gives a full description of the fall of Satan. The five pillars of Islam—confession of faith, prayer, alms, fasting, and the pilgrimage—are of course, not the only subjects covered in the Qur’an. Many historical figures known from the Old Testament pass before the eyes, clothed in a somewhat different garb, yet easily discernible. It would lead people too far afield if they should mention them all, but one figure holds the interest. That is Jesus, or ‘Isa, as He is called in the House of Islam. Jesus is expected to return to this world shortly before the day of judgment, and a number of remarkable happenings will occur in connection with this event. This is a firm belief among Muslims, although there is only one verse in the Qur’an with rather obscure wording that has a reference to the second coming of Jesus. The Muslim understands that the Holy Spirit is Gabriel, the Faithful Spirit (messenger) of God.